Law Offices of Daniel A. Zeft - Specialist in Immigration and National Law

Ryoko Popjoy
Legal Assistant

Ms. Ryoko Popjoy is employed as a legal assistant in Mr. Zeft's offices. She assists Mr. Zeft with immigration law case matters.

Ms. Popjoy has significant knowledge of and experience with U.S. employment-based immigration law matters. Prior to her employment in Mr. Zeft's offices, she was Immigration Specialist with TDK U.S.A. Corporation. TDK U.S.A. Corporation is the holding company for the U.S. subsidiaries of TDK Corporation, the large global Japanese corporation. TDK Corporation has numerous offices and facilities in Japan, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. As the Immigration Specialist for TDK's U.S. operations, Ms. Popjoy handled a large number of nonimmigrant visa matters for TDK Corporation's U.S. subsidiaries. Ms. Popjoy also served as Chief, Translation and Document Services Department at TDK Corporation of America, a United States subsidiary of TDK Corporation. In this position, she translated from Japanese into English numerous legal, business, engineering, and corporate documents. Ms. Popjoy was employed by TDK U.S.A. Corporation and TDK Corporation of America for fifteen years.

Prior to her employment with TDK, Ms. Popjoy worked as a legal assistant at several large law firms in downtown Chicago.

Ms. Popjoy is a native of Japan and a naturalized United States citizen. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. Ms. Popjoy is fluent in written and spoken English and Japanese. She is also an accomplished writer in both English and Japanese. In addition, Ms. Popjoy is an expert translator between the Japanese and English languages.

Ms. Popjoy is available for conversation in Japanese by telephone or in person. In addition, she can correspond by email in Japanese, translate Japanese documents into English, and prepare original documents in Japanese.